Hasty – A look back and a progress report


I’ve been thinking a bunch about the last decade of my life. Much of it was captured right here on this blog. I’ve been absent lately. Life just had a way of demanding my attention. Holding me accountable. Changing me. Healing me. And as I look at the things I’ve written… I barely recognize this person
who resided here.

I guess… I am proud. I mean life isn’t easier because a lot of things are harder but LOTS of things are better. Things are different. I am different.

For one I am SOBER.

If I were to pick the ONE thing that has made the BIGGEST difference it is that. I AM SOBER.

This is a repost of an old poem I wrote. I can see now how drinking created something I label as a recycling of emotions. That ghost in the window… he was getting tired of seeing me…

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