Glass Smashed

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Your own light

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I had to smash my own face against the mirror, rub my nose across the sharp edges of flaws that would not stop screaming, and get a close up view of the proof in the pain. Smeared myself red across the reflection in the broken glass that wasn’t lying, tasted truth until my lips puckered blue, swallowed down the salt from the center of wounds never healed, and spit on each one to make it sting. And it was the sting that made it real, showing the pain turned inside out, outside in. Sometimes you have to twist the handle of your own knife, really dig it into your back until you hit bone, and keep going with the swing of the plunge to be sure you gut the secrets hiding in the hands of your skeletons. You have to bend into the fold, unclench the filth of yourself, release…

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