An Army of One

Cluster B – Politics – What the …?


How does psychopathy
relate to politics?

Many people, mostly liberals, would identify psychopathy with right-wing politics. I have always disagreed. A recent study supports me in my disagreement. US States with the most psychopaths. And there’s the fact that conservatives have a larger amygdala in the part that has to do with fear. Reading Newsmax supports the idea that righties are driven by fear. And psychopaths tend to be on the more fearless side of the spectrum. Sure, Dr. James Fallon, The Psychopath Inside, identifies as a Libertarian. who knows?

My Childhood

kidsgangWhen I was a child, I liked to play with “gangs.” By gangs, I’m talking about something pretty innocent and innocuous. We were just children. We didn’t fight with serious weapons. We collected buds from trees and threw them at each other. In other words, calling ourselves “gangs” was just silly kid stuff. Here’s the thing…

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