Breaking the law for the sake of the gospel

Beth Caplin – When faith demands disobedience

Sarahbeth Caplin

denny-muller-532462-unsplashWhile in prison for conspiring to assassinate Hitler, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote the following letter to a friend:

What is bothering me incessantly is the question of what Christianity really is, or indeed who Christ really is, for us today. The time when people could be told everything by means of words, whether theological or pious, is over, and so is the time of inwardness and conscience – and that means the time of religion in general. We are moving towards a completely religionless time; people as they are now simply cannot be religious anymore. Even those who honestly describe themselves as “religious” do not on the least act up to it, and so they presumably mean something quite different by “religious.”

If you’re familiar with Bonhoeffer’s story, then you know he wasn’t referring to “religionless” Christians who say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” or some other innocuous action that…

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