MEME: White Raged!

Calico Jack – People complaining of not being seen as special enough.

The Psy of Life

White conservatives are angry!

Those ding-dang dumb liberals are lettin’ in more and more immigrants and Muslims and promoting blacks and queers over the interests of god-fearing good white Christians! They just ain’t gonna take it no more!


They’ll stop those liberals from turning their country into something other than the white haven god meant it to be even if they have to sell the whole dern country out to the Russians and forego democracy! Just like these two fellers:

Those garsh darn blacks and Mexicans and feminists and Muslims and immigrants and queers and trans whatever you call ’em ain’t going to get their country not if they can help it! Make no mistake, it ain’t economic insecurity that is driving this white rage, it is racial…

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