MEME: Perjury Trap

Calico Jack finds more flawed (but motivated) reasoning, now about the risk to DJT in being asked questions under oath.

The Psy of Life

To add to the trifecta of stupid from yesterday, Fox News offers us this gem from their very own DagenMcDowell who co-hosts Outnumbered Apparently, they were trying to work out the intricacies of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber being interviewed by Robert Mueller. You know how it is a felony to lie the the FBI or special counsel. So, it obviously is an attempt to trick the Ol’ Pussy Grabber into perjuring himself by asking him questions.

Dagen McDowell Outnumbered Fox News Meme: Perjury Trap

As Jessica Tarlov astutely pointed out, he could try not lying. But, of course, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber can’t not lie because he’s a pathological liar who believes that he is a stable genius and will outsmart us all and exceptions will be made for him and all the other narcissistic gaslighting bullshit that he tries to foist off on us that a third of the country accepts…

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