We All Know A Brock Turner | HuffPost

Calico Jack discovers an article he overlooked.

The Psy of Life

DrunkInPublicALL Men, the Right Situation

I don’t know how I missed this article in 2016 since I am such a regular reader of the Huffington Post, but I did. I certainly am glad I found it now since it so directly supports the theory that it really is all men, we are just waiting for the right situation.

I think men have to start asking their wives, girlfriends, sisters, cousins, friends and, then, believing them when they tell them about being groped, kissed without permission, propositioned aggressively, come on to by bosses, teachers, or other authority figures.

The night he raped a woman behind a dumpster, Brock took a photo of her naked breasts and sent it to his buddies in a group chat. Judging from the screenshots that surfaced online, none of his friends seemed to think this was weird.

BrockTurnerMemeALL Men, Evolution Argument

Apparently, men send women…

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