The Shoes of Mania

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Changeable shoes

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I guess I’m considered the distant friend, the one standing in the quiet background, standoffish in the place where inconsiderate casts a shadow across a light that dims into misunderstood. Seems selfish really, the way these shoes of mine change colors in a certain light, and the funny way they have always been the same shade. I know, they look black to you. Looks like they fit just right from where you stand, and I’m not comfortable when people look in my window like that. Makes me a bit edgy seeing faces sum me up through a view that is skewed and hey, I know the outside looks to be a picture, like an invitation that gave you a gift and it’s wrapped with paper looking like your name. So you stare, want to pull the ribbons to take a look inside, or stay outside, because the cover is enough…

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