Hasty, Byron Hamel, and others have made a movie, and it has been accepted by The Toronto Independent Film Festival.


Today my daughter started high school as a ninth grader.

It was just a few years ago I read a letter on facebook written by another ninth grader.  You will find that letter written by Brianna Jonnie below.  She inspired me, Byron Hamel, and a whole lot of other people to help her share her beautiful voice more dynamically because the world needs to hear it.  So Byron pitched a movie to BravoFact, they funded it, we funded the rest, we got an amazing team together and made movie magic.

Except it wasn’t magic.  It was a lot of hard work and a lot of heart and passion.

Now… how do we get it distributed and watched?  Especially now that we have no more funds? Well I think that is where film festivals, friends, and film communities come in.  People who care about doing good things.  People that have like…

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