Heart Apology

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – An apology to a heart

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I kicked the yellow out of your brick road, called it a liar, and went on a search for the one painted purple. I’m searching for happiness, so trim it off with red. I will do anything to get it, I am cut-throat mode, spilling out for one taste of that smile. I think maybe you stole it from me. Well, give it back. I break into the bend of cracking myself just the right size to spell happy across my face; I am starving for it. Counting bones until I reach the corners of where my mouth turns up to the sky, but no. The sky always answers no like my mouth always says no. And I am empty, trying to fill myself with anything left, but it’s too much. The binge never lasts like the purging promises to and I’m stuffed with all these big dreams trying to…

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