The Glow

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Lost magic, remembered

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

So, go. Go on and glow with that smile

of yours showing magic how to be and

those eyes of yours that never stop

hitting me like a hammer making sure

the feeling is nailed in hard. Well done.

Perfected without any effort, I am rolled

over into all that ever was, falling

through the last ledge of my own pieces,

I have finally crumbled.

Succumbing to the road’s end, where it is

only a straight path, lined with crooked

signs, one way, and road blocks that

say your name. I am crashing through each

one, lead-foot, pedal to the floor,

windows down, throwing caution out,

and I hear the wind sing as it catches

all these notes I cannot sing anyway.

Breaking the fall of the loss with its

teeth, clenched tight around the wings

that never flew, throw me to the flames;

ashes blow from where I never…

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