The Postman

Nicole Lyons – A wish

Nicole Lyons

For my starbrother, Matthew D. Eayre

The Postman

I don’t even know where to start,
ideally it would be sometime after
the end of the thing that never
had the chance to begin anyway,
at least not in this life.
It’s a funny thing, to write a letter
to someone I have never written
a letter to, not before this anyway,
but perhaps countless poems
and endless what-ifs have
made their way into imaginary envelopes
I have sealed with flavours of me
and found their way into planes
and trains bound for southern ports
and familiar poets who would never
dare call themselves such.
I like the thought of that,
my words and my love flying high,
crossing oceans I have yet to cross,
sailing seas I have yet to see,
and ending up in the tattered bag
belonging to a short-changed postman
who contemplates his life and rehashes

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