But Your Soul is Beautiful

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Who did say so?

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Pretty girl, you forgot to put on that smile today, the way you are expected to. Sad girl, with that heart now hardened like you became one with the cold in the stone, flip it over. Maybe the mask is hidden beneath where the bright side lost its way in the shadow. Lost girl, looking down like your eyes are glued into concrete where your dreams are stuck and they can’t breathe. Maybe you lost your light there too, I expected more from you. Silly girl, you can’t shine in the dark. You can’t make it far without the mask. You can’t make it at all unless you at least fake it with a little bit of effort. You had one thing to do and you ruined it. What will people think? You can’t just go out and let the world see you like that, being real like that, fucking…

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