Autumn Song

Jan Malique sings of Autumn.

Strange Goings On In The Shed


Dare I mention the “A” word? You know, one with seasonal connections. It seems the seasons are turning, Summer is being infused with hints of smoky scents and deep tints of colour. Such marvels are best displayed in the clothing of trees gathered en masse in forest and woodland.

SuperPhoto_180826210041 Image: Jan Malique

These magnificent and venerable sentinels sway to silent music, shedding garb much like Salome and her Dance of the Seven Veils. They reveals aspects of Nature’s mysteries, alluring and offering a deep, deep peace. As for their life blood of sap, see it flow in a multide of tributaries, flowing ceaslessy towards their crowns. Towards a velvet darkness approaching with gifts of the harvest and songs of yearning, of loss and culmination.

SuperPhoto_180826205958 Image: Jan Malique

Nature gathers her dying children, lays them to rest in earth of brown, ochre and mustard. We hear the crunch of leaves underfoot…

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