JUSTICE – Candice Louisa Daquin

At The Whisper and the Roar, Candice Louisa Daquin (of TheFeatheredSleep) roars for justice.

Whisper and the Roar

woman-speaksx750Today my sisters and brothers

there is simmering fine-grained rage in the quiet pockets of woman all around the world

rage has not left the room

it is bottled in corners like a fizzing drink about to explode

rage has no accent or specific color

it owns the language of all who came before

it is the woman who is violated when there were only five humans on this earth

it is the child who is taught to condemn women as their first lesson and does not understand

why the woman who nurtures him is trampled on

rage is a quiet supermarket and a grocery shopper

who stands at the canned beans aisle with tears pouring down her face

for she would rather spend hours picking out canned goods than face

the ire of her husband and the laws that do not protect her from being beaten

black and blue

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‘Paths Stigmatized

Cluster B comments on You Tube discussions of stigmatizing some diagnoses and not others.


You-Tubers have a society of their own with a lot of back-and-forth between them. By back and forth , I mean Drama! Lots of entertaining feuds between You-Tubers. But it’s kind of like a soap opera in that you need to keep up with a storyline for it to remain interesting. It’s a nice, chaotic way to expand one’s knowledge of just about anything.

That having been said, I came across this great video about, of all things, stigmatizing ASPD or Psychopathy. And on our side, too.

I don’t know Kati Morton or the dude in this video but I plan to inform myself. When that happens, I’ll be giving links. I gather these are mental health “advocates” and they are having a hard time being advocatish towards “sociopaths.” I mean, we’re the baddies, after all. And you can feel sorry for people with most personality disorders. I say…

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Why Psychopaths Rule

From Cluster B – The answer is obvious.


Why psychopaths rule politically:


Sure, the rich psychopaths will probably support the GOP. But we, workers, have overwhelmingly more numbers. If all us “working class” folk voted for our rational self-interest, we would have a progressive government.

And yet, many people blame psychopaths for the hideous, reactionary government we have. It ain’t our fault, folks.

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The light beneath the door

TheFeatheredSleep – Opening the door in spite of knowing


Remember when they used to bug your phone

The sound of rolling open polymer handpiece

Secrets folded in purring circle

Click, click, can aches be fixed?

What if you died

And left me a note

What would it say?

Who stands as muse

Now life has fled, her stockings shred

And bottles are emptied without drinking

I think the blood of us is watching

The shard of darkness cutting swaths of fracture across your face

Full days don’t exist

Come back here

To the light beneath the door

What does it do to beckon from shadow

If you paint from a photo, you capture no movement

Just faces in gouache

Stainless steel and fascimile reflection

A few minutes fooling ourselves

Nothing was sacred
Not even one thing?

If the lie was eaten

Did it vanquish all the time I spent, believing it

Was I the lie?

Inhabiting falsehood and words…

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The Cognitive Tom Fuckery Behind Support for Kavanaugh

Calico Jack – What could they be thinking? Here are some clues.

The Psy of Life

After today’s very ugly display by the bullignorant (obvious to all) drunken (allegedly) rapist (allegedly) otherwise known as Brett Kavanaugh, it is unbelievable that anyone could still support his nomination, yet Repubes of every stripe do. Did you listen to the way he talked, shouted, and screamed? Was he drunk? I haven’t seen every minute of his testimony, but in what I have seen, he seemed drunk to me. The only thing missing was slurring his words and wobbly balance. Maybe he’s a dry drunk. Gawd that’s the only “positive” explanation to be plausible. What a comment on his nomination.

I had wanted to write a post about the various psychological reasons Repubes support such an oblivious anus, but events both personal and public got in the way. Now, all I want to do is join the growing chorus of WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?

Seriously, Senate Majority Leader Mitch…

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Feathers Plucked

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – “How dare someone love you and then hurt when they lose you…”

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I hope one day you find sunsets that hold honesty, the moon holding a glow of kindness as a reminder that you have always held those traits inside, but perhaps hid pieces away and forgot the meaning in moments you wished never happened. You should know wishes don’t come true and time cannot be wished away in the hush of waters grown rough, love, nothing stays calm forever. I once thought you were the best listener in the world, until the world spun into a flight that crashed into deaf ears. But you hear me now. You hear me in a different way, like a stranger annoyed, inconvenienced with the pain I spill because perhaps you felt some of that pain too. We poured it out in different ways publicly, but one on one we bled the same. The only difference in the blood was that mine spilled out to…

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In the witness of wonder

TheFeatheredSleep remembers an extraordinary artist.



Lindsay Kemp died

And with him

A torn piece of time

From the quilt of

Those rare beings who are irreplaceable

I wonder at, the length of a life

Seeing some eek out forever

Living fossils unable to pass

Whilst others seem more

Moth to flame

Their brightest extraordinary

The arc to eventual dim


We all perish

But some burn so bright when alive

Even in death they ecclipse

Ordinary forms

It is those extraordinary beings

We cleave to and covet

For in our own search for meaning

They fulfill the dark spaces of our need

Like arrows pointing to starlight

We dance when they come into our orbit

With the flow of children

In the witness of wonder

Lyndsey Kemp died

Images in my mind whirl

Of a young Kate Bush dancing

My own outstretched hands in ballet theater

As he strode poised and strong…

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Hasty – A recurrent drama played out again


Where are you now

That the ink smeared

Itself across the page

Blurring black and white

Hiding motivations

Condemning intentions

Dividing all endeavors

For dignity and respect

Where are you now

That the exposure

Has us frostbitten

Naked and scarred

Everything given up

Bared and sacrificed

Once again

Once again

Once again

And no more

And no more

And no more

Hallelujah and Amen

If it’s he said she said

Then bring it

And then bring it again

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