The Social Justice Statement is an affront to black, Jewish Jesus

Beth Caplin finds little of the Jesus she knows in a statement denying the relevance of “social justice” concerns in Christian faith.

Sarahbeth Caplin

jerry-kiesewetter-234311-unsplashThe Social Justice Statement, a document composed by prominent white evangelical men, claims that caring for minorities somehow compromises the gospel. It denies any culpability in systemic racism, and any responsibility for how anti-gay and anti-woman rhetoric causes harm.

None of this is surprising. In fact, it fits rather well in an era in which Trump is the savior of the Christian Right.

Luckily, I am far from alone in thinking that Jesus wouldn’t recognize this document as anything that has to do with the messages he preached. As a Middle Eastern Jew (who likely wasn’t white), I imagine he’d flip a few tables over it.

The Statement encapsulates the kind of Christianity I got sucked into when I first converted: all belief, but little action. It’s not a representation of what all of Christianity looks like, thankfully, or else I’d have left it altogether a long time ago.

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