The 65 Meaningless Women of Brett Kavanaugh and the Nature of Sexual Assault

Calico Jack – So, somebody found 65 women Brett Kavanaugh did not rape. Does that mean anything other than that the speed with which it was accomplished is a bit suspicious?

The Psy of Life

MoralChoicesRoy Moore & Moral Foundation Theory

So many men have been accused by so many women of sexual impropriety that the process now follows a predictable path. So, much so, that like very thing else associated with the Brett Kavanaugh Senate confirmation process, it is proceeding at breakneck speed. We have the accusation, the denial, and the testimonial of what a great guy he’s been to x-number of women. Any attempt for the accuser to remain anonymous is not allowed. She is either doxxed by the incel misogynist crowd or her accused supporters which usually overlap by this point in the story line, or she comes forward of her own volition realizing that her accusations will not be taken seriously without her pretty face next to them so everyone can judge for themselves whether she was worthy of sexual assault by such an esteemed man or not.

Here’s what caught…

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