Jan Malique – Things in the works.

Strange Goings On In The Shed


I like a good walkabout, it stills the mind and refreshes the parts not reached by either hot or cold beverages.

Amazing what you can come across on these journeys. So far nothing unpleasant has surfaced, although there’s still time eh? Well, the dismembered crab could be classed as something strange. I don’t think so. This is an illustration of the transient nature of existence, and rather beautiful in its stark imagery.

Perhaps a more aesthetically pleasing image will propel me into a cheerful mood.

I feel a poem coming on:

Sun on blue water,

Reflecting clouds,

Pine tree bends in supplication.

IMG_20180908_115620291_HDR Inverewe Gardens, Poolewe, Wester Ross, Scotland, Jan Malique

I’ve been finding it difficult to write lately. Sure, an odd post here and there suffices while the mind ticks over, trying to plan its next strategy. Actual and virtual rambling have a purpose, what that is escapes me. Only…

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