‘Paths Stigmatized

Cluster B comments on You Tube discussions of stigmatizing some diagnoses and not others.


You-Tubers have a society of their own with a lot of back-and-forth between them. By back and forth , I mean Drama! Lots of entertaining feuds between You-Tubers. But it’s kind of like a soap opera in that you need to keep up with a storyline for it to remain interesting. It’s a nice, chaotic way to expand one’s knowledge of just about anything.

That having been said, I came across this great video about, of all things, stigmatizing ASPD or Psychopathy. And on our side, too.

I don’t know Kati Morton or the dude in this video but I plan to inform myself. When that happens, I’ll be giving links. I gather these are mental health “advocates” and they are having a hard time being advocatish towards “sociopaths.” I mean, we’re the baddies, after all. And you can feel sorry for people with most personality disorders. I say…

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