Potiphar’s wife and #MeToo

Beth Caplin – No silence

Sarahbeth Caplin


After my Episcopal church service I went to my husband’s evangelical church to wait for him in the cafe like I usually do. When I stepped out to use the restroom, I heard the sermon topic introduced. It was about Potiphar’s wife. The one who falsely accused Joseph of rape. THIS weekend of all weekends. Right as it began, a friend texted me from inside the sanctuary and said, “The pastor swears this sermon was planned months in advance, but people around me are whispering that Kavanaugh is the real victim.”

After the sermon I went up to the pastor to share that with him. To his credit, he said that he didn’t mean for it to coincide with the hearings, that was just a coincidence, but false accusations do happen, and the church needs to be concerned about the truth. I said, “Pastor, with all due respect, figuring out…

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