The Hostile Masculinity of Brett Kavanaugh and Other Things People Get Wrong About #MeToo and Rape

Calico Jack – Why some, but not all, and one in particular

The Psy of Life

Conservatives from those in Congress to those trolls inhabiting the Internet are going through massive gyrations to discredit Dr. Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick in particular and sexual assault survivors in general and to defend Boof K as a normal average choir boyish type guy. Let’s psysplain why these attempts to discredit sexual assault survivors and Boof K’s choir boyhood are so very very wrong.

#MeToo and Women’s Anger

response-metoo-15-8faI’m Tired of Performing Trauma

Many on the right dismiss #MeToo in general and Dr. Ford in particular as women who are angry after being sexually assaulted and taking their anger out on just any man. The reasoning is that a punished innocent man is better than no punished man at all. This is an absurd proposition that no one in #MeToo actually believes. But, we hear it time and again from conservatives.

Last Sunday Kellyanne Conway, as duplicitous as she…

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