Shadow Walker and King of Hearts

Jan Malique – introducing a newcomer to the Shed

Strange Goings On In The Shed

man-407084_1280 SplitShire, Pixabay

I’d like to introduce a new tenant in the Shed, a Hero worthy of the titles of Shadow Walker and King of Hearts. He made an appearance at the end of my post Walkabout.  I’m sure the other inhabitants of the Shed will give him a warm welcome. This immortal’s, a charmer, with depths so hidden that the Underworld would fit comfortably therein many times over. An overstatement perhaps but true.

The mysterious stranger gave me a lovely gift on arrival, a poem infused with bite and sensuous promise. Well, I almost yielded to vapours and had to fan myself vigorously. For your delectation here is the offending article:

Seek not things impossible and frustratingly out of reach,

Yield, surrender, and soften your resolute,

Come, let me take your hand and softy lay endearments upon its palm,

Let my lips feather kisses upon your eyelids,

And murmur…

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