The Sassy One – A love poem to one stuck

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

Oh say that you’re wanting to go and relive it
Your life in a dizzy, chaotic, sweet swivet
Spinning and twirling through a quicksand of pain
Trying to drink sunshine from droplets of rain

Mount up your steed on the merry-go-round
You always hated remaining earthbound
You said that the ties were too tight to endure
And your feet were cemented like stones in the floor 

You summoned and asked me to free you from pain
And I flew to your side with the key to your chains
I took on the task and removed your constraints
And you thanked me with whining and insipid complaints 

Get up, stand tall, spread your wings and take flight
Can’t you see out this dungeon to bright yonder light
I pushed and I nudged and slapped your blank face
But you wanted to stay in this retched dank place

Come with me now…

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