Portal: A Cautionary Telling of Dark Things Hidden

Jan Malique – Open not that portal.

Strange Goings On In The Shed

photo-1521159936751-ff7c25fd187b eddie howell at Unsplash

I present to you a tale of dark things hidden as the veils thin,

As they undulate in breath and sighs of half forgotten fears lain deep.

The portal of ancient terrors writhes in embrace of serpents pernicious,

Whose forked tongues taste of your living presence,

Who urge you come forth,

Who urge you to place the key of freedom,

In a lock meant never meant to be opened.

Hear their whispers fill your dreams,

Emanate from places where darkness is without end,

Where not even Hades dare tread.

Turn back! Turn back! 

Thus goes the cry from one who holds the sword of blue flame.

photo-1540174053853-1cc5d1fa8814 Darren Nunis at Unsplash

Those who are fallen bid you come and hear their tale,

Of injustice and salt rubbed in wounds.

Dare you believe? Dare you let your guard down?

Turn back! Turn back! 

Thus goes the cry from…

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