Want & Ritual

TheFeatheredSleep – A complicated sort of bondage


Helmut-SPREAD-6FI grew up fetishizing

the nubile antonyms of beauty

Helmut Newton’s exploitation

penis behind camera stroking

sloe-eyed girls with tired mouths

smoking yellow papered Gauloises

nipples grazing peach crinoline

men’s eyes like dry stones, seeking squeezing

I grew up thinking

contortion and bondage was

an art form not

excuse for masochism

as unsupervised child, I’d look through

graphic design manuals

that inexplicably had vulvas and

perky breasts

to illustrate Pantone

it was after all

the seventies

what did I know? Except

women on beaches without tops

giving me francs for not spilling their dirty martini’s

Mon sucre d’orge, sois gentil, va me chercher mes cigarettes

always gentleman watching

the rise and fall of female throats

nicotine mouths, stained vermillion

long tan legs swept beneath chiffon

men taking them to hotel rooms


smoking the leftovers whilst adults

fucked behind closed doors


when I grow up

how can I lie…

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Life Can Be Ducky

Cluster B takes aim at a “helper” with a fable.


Jemima Puddle-Duck Finds Lovefraud

My thanks to Beatrix Potter, author of Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck
This story is adapted from her story, brought into today’s world of psychopaths, victims and recovery on the world wide web.

foxreadingpaperJemima Puddle-Duck lived on a farm. It could have been a nice place to live except for one thing. The farmer’s wife would not let Jemima hatch her own eggs. She routinely confiscated Jemima’s eggs and gave them to a hen to hatch. For some reason, she thought Jemima would get bored sitting on eggs as long as it would take to hatch them. She wouldn’t even give Jemima a chance.

Jemima ran away from that farm, seeking a foxandducksafe place to lay her eggs. She chanced upon a handsome fox who was reading a newspaper. “Quack!” said Jemima. The fox looked up surprised to see a duck addressing him.

The fox…

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#tbt I Say That I Lost You

Christine Ray – A discontinuity in life

Brave & Reckless

I say that I lost you

as though you were an umbrella

that I carelessly left on the bus

after the summer rain had stopped

I say that I lost you

as though you were a conversation

that I dropped the thread of

when I became

distracted by fireflies dancing outside my window

I say that I lost you

as though you were a book

I insisted that a friend borrow and read

that was never returned

I say that I lost you

as though you were a bet

a wager

I could easily afford to place

To say that I lost you

is to say that the world that I knew has ended

that the universe has been torn violently in two

that time has stopped like a broken pocket watch

whose hands now stand empty

reaching for a tomorrow

that will never come

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All…

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We Will Not Be Silenced Live Launch Event

Without a doubt, a seriously cool event.

Brave & Reckless

The editors and contributors are kicking off a week of events in honor of the publication of We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art with a Live Event on Friday, November 30th on Facebook. The live event is a great opportunity to learn more about the book’s origin, purpose, and its contributors and get some sneak peeks of the powerful content.

Learn more here.

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I Sang At a Club and Bombed Like a Motherfucker

Samara ventures in South Jersey to sing.

A Buick in the Land of Lexus

I got a voicemail from a guy who had heard I was a singer and invited me to sing a few songs with his band at a gig that Saturday. In case you’re wondering how he got my number, I don’t know. This past summer I was practicing to perform some songs with the ex-boyfriend’s band, which never materialized. I did, however, tell everyone that I now sang with a band, including the dude at the post office who was helping me track down the “Good Morning I See the Assassins Have Failed Again” mug I had ordered from Etsy. Which apparently had been delivered to the wrong address so Post Office Dude took my number and I think he gave it to a guy who gave it to a guy.

Or something. Who the hell has time to play Inspector Gadget when fame and fortune come knocking at your…

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The Unproductive, Malignant, Narcissist WATCH: Declassifying Devastating Documents, Edition

Calico Jack – An example of narcissistic panic?

The Psy of Life

How cray is this? The Ol’ Pussy Grabber said to the New York Post that he would authorize the declassification of documents “devastating” to the Democrats if they go the presidential “harassment” route by investigate him. Crazy right? But, he didn’t stop with the cray-cray there. It goes on! Specifically, he threatened to declassify the FISA and other warrant applications that the Mueller probe used! Wow! Now THAT’s really nuts, right? I mean that could expose methods and sources and all kinds of shit that could really damage the FBI and the way they conduct investigations. How crazy can you get? Well, okay, we’re talking about the bottomless pit of madness, so it gets worse! He then claims that these documents would expose a conspiracy between Mueller, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign to bring him down!

Now, that last claim really tears at the bounds of credulity because (a)…

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Maddow lays out the Evidence for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s Criminal Behavior as Mirror Image of Nixon’s Criminal Conduct

Calico Jack directs attention to a review of Trump’s criminal behavior by Rachel Maddow.

The Psy of Life

Rachel Maddow lays out the case of obstruction of justice by the Ol’ Pussy Grabber by reading a letter special counsel Ron Jaworski wrote to the Congressional judiciary committee outlining Nixon’s criminal activity that he had documented. It is a lengthy and detailed list. If you dated it 2018 and changed a few names and other details, it could be about the Ol’ Pussy Grabber only the evidence wasn’t contained on secret White House tapes and written in memos and given in testimony, it is documented in interviews with the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, his public statements, and his tweets.

All in all it is a damning segment that lays out in no uncertain terms that on multiple occasions the Ol’ Pussy Grabber has publicly instructed a variety of officials to stop the Mueller investigation. These people range from AG Sessions to the Senate chair people of various investigative committees to…

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