Hasty – A difference between writing and talking


People are fascinating.  I love listening to them and figuring out what makes them work.  Tell me your history, your dreams, your greatest fears.  I like to learn how we are the same and how we are different.

As much as I like to listen I also like to talk.  However, talking is hard for me.  Being the person someone is listening to is scary.  I can write poetry all day and all night but it’s not the same as talking to someone who is paying attention in real time. What if I misspeak? What if I say something stupid?  What if the thing I say changes how they think about me so drastically that they walk away?

How do you do it?  Open up to someone and speak knowing you can’t edit what you are saying?

Sometimes I think it would be better if my mouth healed shut.

IMG_2530 (1)


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