Blossom and Bone Reviews

Nicole Lyons’ “Blossom and Bone gets reviews

Nicole Lyons

For my money, Nicole Lyons is hands down the best poet writing today. By far. She simply excels at her craft, and she does so with the apparent ease of one who effortlessly speaks her soul without need of any edit or further rewrite. Which, of course, is impossible. One would think. And I have never encountered another poet who writes as seamlessly as she. But that is only to address the skill of writing. First must come the transformation and translation of feeling and transcendent being into words, and that requires pinpoint accuracy and impeccable handling in order not to damage the efficacy of those original goods. That is the agony of the poet, and the impossible challenge of her art. Nicole acts like it is simply second nature. Whatever effort is required comes from living the experience, not from putting it into words. At least, that is the…

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