The Unproductive Malignant Narcissism Watch: From Raking to Being Thankful for Himself

Calico Jack reviews a week of narcissistic delusions.

The Psy of Life

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber has the bestest of everything, doesn’t he? He can’t help it. He’s the bestest, so everything he says, thinks, or does is the bestest. #BeBestest, amirite? So, it’s no surprise that he has demonstrated his bestestness about three times in and around the past week!

First is the whole rake the forest like Finland do fiasco. Then, there is the I ain’t askert to go visiting the troops as long as I can call them, and ramble on about his bizarre hatred of the electromagnetic catapult. And, third there was his heartwarming message to America on Thanksgiving! The good news is that all three not only demonstrate his narcissism but how dangerous it is to have a narcissist in charge of anything.

Each example is directly related to his narcissistic bestest thoughts using his bestest brain and his bestest words, he…

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