The Unproductive, Malignant, Narcissist WATCH: Declassifying Devastating Documents, Edition

Calico Jack – An example of narcissistic panic?

The Psy of Life

How cray is this? The Ol’ Pussy Grabber said to the New York Post that he would authorize the declassification of documents “devastating” to the Democrats if they go the presidential “harassment” route by investigate him. Crazy right? But, he didn’t stop with the cray-cray there. It goes on! Specifically, he threatened to declassify the FISA and other warrant applications that the Mueller probe used! Wow! Now THAT’s really nuts, right? I mean that could expose methods and sources and all kinds of shit that could really damage the FBI and the way they conduct investigations. How crazy can you get? Well, okay, we’re talking about the bottomless pit of madness, so it gets worse! He then claims that these documents would expose a conspiracy between Mueller, the FBI, and the Clinton campaign to bring him down!

Now, that last claim really tears at the bounds of credulity because (a)…

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