I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. | HuffPost

Jalico Jack shares an enlightening article.

The Psy of Life

This is an amazing article. She really brings you along with what it was like to be a cable guy. But, she brought you along with her daily job on so many levels:

  1. Being a stranger inside someone else’s home and experiencing all of the weirdness and normalcy that exits outside of the prying eyes of neighbors and co-workers. For most of us, we’ve internalized the limits on our impulses so that we aren’t that different from our outdoor-in-public-selves, but then, there are those among us that are significantly different and not in a good way different that are deviant in socially unacceptable ways in the privacy of their home.
  2. Being a lesbian meeting people while working in a traditionally male job. Not everyone is as accepting as the average reader of Ye Olde Blogge — gee, I just got a shiver down the old spine; I think my dearly…

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Are There Really that Many Truly Evil, Selfish, Authoritarian People in America? Groupthink and Authoritarianism Explain It All

Calico Jack examines a confluence of tendencies.

The Psy of Life

W hen I saw this post on Twitter, I really resonated with it. The answer to her implied question is rooted a couple of issues that have been addressed on Ye Olde Blogge: groupthink and the authoritarian personality.

Confirmation bias Conformity Groupthink Informational conformity Irving Janis
Groupthink or Group Cluster…

If you search for groupthink on the blog, you come up with thirty wonderful posts all explaining and referencing groupthink in some way, shape, or form. Thirty! Groupthink or Group Cluster… Explaining the Modern GOP is one of the best because it goes through an in depth explanation of groupthink. I just re-read it (and corrected typos and a few awkward phrasings), and it is really really good.

For those of us who…

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This may be the best rant about Gutenberg I’ve ever seen.

LuckyOtter shares a found rant about the Gutenberg editor.

Lucky Otters Haven

I wasn’t going to write another post so soon about Gutenberg, but I’ve been fascinated by all the negative comments in the WordPress.org support forums, and came across this, well…masterpiece of a rant.  Even in spite of the typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors, it’s still a brilliantly written rant.  What makes it even better is this person actually created an account at WordPress.org just to publish their rant.  

So here goes.

So bad I actually made an account on wordpress.org to complain


I would prefer using the Gutenberg printing press than this pile of rubbish.

This is so soo soooo bad that I have actually made an account on wordpress.org to publish this review.

What a joke of a thing, pathetic. Blocks? Like for children who can’t think? WordPress is owned by the community, such an evil thing to force people to use this piece of crap.

Why am…

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The Hard Part of the Night

Nicole Lyons – Where love seemed to be

Nicole Lyons

You left me to hold the hard parts
of our life and the night,
and I still try to mute
the sound of my own heart breaking,
but it breaks again and again,
over and over until the shards of it
climb from my chest and pull my lungs
from my throat, my lungs that have been blackened with the thick part
of the night and I am left choking.
I cough and I spit blood, and push
my words against the grooves
of pointy molars crumbling
beneath my tongue.
I remember when my mouth was full
of gleaming promises before
I pushed my own fingers down my throat
and treated the burn of it all
with whiskey neat and love gone bad.
I remember what it felt like to smile
before my smile met your fist
and I grew ignorant when I spat
my wisdom and your name

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Will Gutenberg kill WordPress as a writer’s platform?

LuckyOtter reviews and comments on the Gutenberg “editor”. She is not amused.

Lucky Otters Haven


Almost every WordPress.com blogger has no doubt seen that irritating little blue blurb that keeps appearing at the bottom of the editing screen:  “A new editor is coming to level up your layout,” followed by a “learn more” offer that you can click on if you really want to learn more.   Over in the editor sidebar (where you find your status, post settings, categories and tags, sharing info, etc.) at the bottom is another distracting box offering you to try out the “new editor.”

Not many people like change, especially older folks like me.   Those of us who write for a living or just for fun who just want a nice big easy space to write in (like we have with the Classic Editor) don’t want to have to worry about “blocks” and dragging and dropping them around to “build a page.”  We just want to write, dammit.

Because essentially…

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Tears Like Snowflakes Fall (revisited)

Christine Ray – Winter Tears

Brave & Reckless

fall as regularly
as snowflakes
during harshest winter
as diverse
as they are infinite

ugly, wrenching cries
forced to clutch my stomach
in order to keep my guts
from spilling out of my body

single, silent teardrops
that roll down my cheek
caressing the curve of my neck
leaving a thin
pale trail across skin
before sinking gracefully
into the neckline
of my shirt

long slow cries
bottomless well
of salt
and sorrow
losses blurred together
into aching wholes

tears that fall
of their own volition
out of sync
with my mood

I did not know
that this
was to be the age
of endless water
my blue phase

© 2016 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved
Revised © 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Heart and Mind

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Searching for a lesson, a key

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

My heart always says I’m sorry, but my mind says… no, you’re not sorry. You cannot be sorry. Why would you be sorry for feeling? For loving? For hurting? No, stop apologizing and explaining things that just are. But my heart, my heart… it makes me pay for that. It makes me hurt for that, makes me bleed the fuck out for that. With every beat, it wants me to prove why each crack was worth the pain, why I spent nights crying myself empty, only to wake the next day filled again with the pieces of a breaking I don’t have answers to. Those pieces.. they don’t always fit back the right way and I’m only a puzzle that can never be whole again. So I sit here as out of place as I’ve always been anyway, questioning my heart, the way it breaks and splits, and takes me…

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Christine Ray – Into the woods in winter, those woods, “lovely, dark, and deep”.

Brave & Reckless

I put on George Winston’s
December album
And realize why I chose it
It speaks to me
Of solitary walks
Through snowy woods
The silence almost complete
This music is the stark
White landscape
The soundtrack of my introspection
I can almost see
The notes hover in the air
As I travel alone
Layered in my winter warmest
My bright red knit hat
The only color for miles
© 2016 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Peter Szto, PhD

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