Yesterday (Monday December 3) was the surgery day for my prostate. A friend, Peter, drove me to the hospital in Brevard and planned to pick me up after. The usual procedure on that there is to call the driver on their cell phone when it is time, but Peter doesn’t have a cell phone, so I was going to loan him mine, which would have been fine with the nurses. But, since we got there a 9am and I was not going to be discharged until some time after 2pm, Peter decided to go home and work on a woodworking project (Christmas gifts) and have them call him at home when they knew I’d be ready in an hour and a half (that’s how long the drive is). So that was OK, but the nurses were not happy to hear that I planned to be home alone that night, very not happy. Peter said I could stay at their house that night and everybody was happy.

Then it was prep time, lots of prep, hooking me up to monitors (Blood Pressure, heart, respiration), surgical stockings (prevent leg blood clots – like support hose, but more so) and on top of those, air powered calf cuffs to squeeze intermittently, also prevent clots. Along the way the heart rate monitor gave some strange spike readings (beep-beep) and they did an EKG which came out normal. Then there were reassuring meeting with the doctor and anesthesiologist, then just waiting. Finally, it was into the OR, get shifted to the table there and go to sleep time.

I woke (more or less) up in Recovery a couple of hours later and once the Recovery nurse was happy with my condition, back to pre-&-post- op where I got coffee, a small muffin (I hadn’t eaten since the evening before), and a new leg bag for the post-op catheter. They made sure I could stand up, knew my name, and such. Then they said they had called and Peter was on his way and I could get dressed. I also got a dose of the post-op medication, Phenazopyridine, “for bladder discomfort”, which I was told would turn my urine bright orange, and indeed it does, almost a day-glo orange.

Peter arrived and we came back to Highlands, stopped at the pharmacy for the medication, stopped at my house (Pjs, toothbrush, etc) and went to his house for a pleasant evening and dinner with him and his wife and he brought me home in the morning.

The nurses said the effects of the anesthesia can last a bit for 24 hours, and I was still feeling a little fuzzy brained this morning, but that seems to have cleared, and there’s no sign of significant bleeding or other problems. On Thursday, I’ll see the urologist again at the office here in Highlands and they will take out the catheter, and hopefully my bladder and sphincter will remember their normal jobs. And, even if they decide to let me drive in less than a week, it’s a good thing I stocked up for two weeks on groceries and such because snow is coming this weekend, and maybe freezing rain too. I can sit back and just watch it snow. Yay!


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