Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge on Brave and Reckless (otherwise known as my sadly neglected blog)

Christine Ray invites seasonal submissions.

Brave & Reckless

My life is always a little chaotic.  I don’t do well with unconstructed time and even while struggling with chronic illness, I try to keep myself engaged. The last few months; however, it has gone from a little chaotic to a lot of chaotic.  Kindra M. Austin and I launched our imprint Indie Blu(e) Publishing in September and almost immediately took on an ambitious anthology project, We Will Not Be Silenced, with co-editors Candice Louisa Daquin and Rachel Finch.  We are very, very proud of this project but it has been the center of our creative energy for several frantic months.

On the home front, a cracked shower pan and a leaking bathroom sink drain forced us to have our master bathroom gutted on October 30th.  Although it is shaping up nicely, renovation continues.  Fingers crossed, we may have a toilet, vanity, and sink by the…

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