Winter’s Chill

Christine Ray – In the cold

Brave & Reckless

This piece was originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

winter is settling
into my bones
making itself at home
the cold steals silent,
stealthy under doorways
and seeps through
small cracks in my armor
seeking firm purchase
conspiring to steal my warmth
chilling my nose, my toes

flat gray December skies
speak of future snow
a flurry
or a blizzar
I wonder?
days grow short
nights grow long
sleep is often as evasive
as a child playing
hide and seek with me
inn a many roomed
Victorian house
full of small hidey-holes
the darkness can feel endless

I worry that Winter’s frost
is forming
over the delicate tissue
of my heart
my blood now slow and sluggish
crystallizing on my soul
encasing me
entombing me
under a sheet of ice
muffling my voice

I fight to resist
the encroaching winter
the mournful twilight
but I…

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