The Hard Part of the Night

Nicole Lyons – Where love seemed to be

Nicole Lyons

You left me to hold the hard parts
of our life and the night,
and I still try to mute
the sound of my own heart breaking,
but it breaks again and again,
over and over until the shards of it
climb from my chest and pull my lungs
from my throat, my lungs that have been blackened with the thick part
of the night and I am left choking.
I cough and I spit blood, and push
my words against the grooves
of pointy molars crumbling
beneath my tongue.
I remember when my mouth was full
of gleaming promises before
I pushed my own fingers down my throat
and treated the burn of it all
with whiskey neat and love gone bad.
I remember what it felt like to smile
before my smile met your fist
and I grew ignorant when I spat
my wisdom and your name

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