Are There Really that Many Truly Evil, Selfish, Authoritarian People in America? Groupthink and Authoritarianism Explain It All

Calico Jack examines a confluence of tendencies.

The Psy of Life

W hen I saw this post on Twitter, I really resonated with it. The answer to her implied question is rooted a couple of issues that have been addressed on Ye Olde Blogge: groupthink and the authoritarian personality.

Confirmation bias Conformity Groupthink Informational conformity Irving Janis
Groupthink or Group Cluster…

If you search for groupthink on the blog, you come up with thirty wonderful posts all explaining and referencing groupthink in some way, shape, or form. Thirty! Groupthink or Group Cluster… Explaining the Modern GOP is one of the best because it goes through an in depth explanation of groupthink. I just re-read it (and corrected typos and a few awkward phrasings), and it is really really good.

For those of us who…

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