If Trump is this UNFIT, Why Does the GOP Support Him? Shifting our Outrage from Trump to the GOP

Calico Jack – Is there a point at which the Republicans on The Hill will have had enough of this madness?

The Psy of Life

A Week of Busy Presidenting

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber started out the new year as busy as big fat orange beaver can be waddling around hidey-hole. He held hisself two — count ’em two — very public meetings that took up whole hours of his day! He followed it up with, a hold the presses, press conference, the very next day that also went over an hour! And, in case you missed the point, he proclaimed hisself hard working when he could be taking it easy like some other presidents he knows about. You ever have the feeling that we’re living in a Mel Brooks movie?

I gotta say that if the tour de narcissisme of the past two days didn’t cause the Repubes to be WANT to move him outta office, ain’t nothing going to no how no way. So, what is up with these Repubes that they…

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