Love Has Never

Nicole Lyons – Love’s demands

Nicole Lyons

Love has never asked to be felt;
it has never once bowed its head
to kiss my palms or ask me
what it would take to make
room for it in my soul.
Love has never spent a moment
gathering my dreams or getting
to know me a little bit better;
it never once offered to scrub
the stains your broken heart left
in the corners of my soul.
Love has laughed in the face
of my consent, demanded
a place at my table,
and shoved its filthy hands
down my throat, and it pulls
my heart from its cage
and the words from my mouth
and stacks them like secrets
inside your hooded eyes
and perfect lines until I look
less like me and more like
a casualty of poor choices
and cheap moments spent
in gaudy rooms shooting
the shit and anything that feels
a little like love…

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