Hasty – Wishes and changes


I don’t remember the first time I thought, “man I wish I could be more…”. More classy, more beautiful, more funny, more smart, more stable, more serious.

I’ve lost count of how often I wished I was less messy, less emotional, less sad, less weak, less random, less awkward.

Seems I’m constantly wishing I had a better laugh, better genetics, longer legs, a creative talent.

And in the midst of wanting to be all the things that aren’t me I create a new me each day. Someone I have faith in to be more and less of all the things I wasn’t yesterday.

Or maybe… more realistically, I’m just a person. Just a plain person I’m trying hard to fall in love with each day. Someone a little less full of shit and little more settled in who I actually am.

It’s a journey.

An always changing kaleidoscope life we…

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