The Myths of Girlhood Earns multiple 5-star reviews on Readers’ Favorites

High praise for Christine Ray’s “The Myths of Girlhood”

Brave & Reckless

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

The Myths of Girlhood by Christine E. Ray is a poetry collection that revolves around the theme of womanhood and everything it entails. The Myths of Girlhood is a stark book in the sense that it portrays the woman not simply as the stereotypical gentle, delicate “fairer sex” but instead as a raw, powerful warrior that fights both external and internal battles. The book is well formatted and after the initial introduction of what the book is about, it dives into several poems that deal with a wide range of themes. These center around fighting battles not only against society as a whole in order to break free from the rules and restrictions of gender, but also internal fights for self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect.

The Myths of Girlhood by Christine E. Ray is a powerful collection of poems and Christine’s voice is raw…

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When You Are Done With Her

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – How to make leaving seem easy

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

When you’re done with her, you will say she’s changed, she’s acting strange, she’s a mess, crazy woman, pleading, different, yeah.. she needs help. You will say you don’t like drama, but she already knows that because you used to tell her about the other crazy women in your inbox, before she knew she would be one too. You will say… something different every day, to buy some time, come up with another line, all to avoid the truth and the way the edges cut in and touch you just as deep as the silence rips her apart. You will say everything, you will say anything to make the walking away easy on you and you will act like it never even phased you, as though you never gave a shit anyway. And she believes your cold like she once believed in your warmth. And all you said to her…

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My thoughts about Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech and the Cohen testimony.

LuckyOtter directs our attention to a speech.

Lucky Otters Haven

cummingscohen Credit:

I stayed glued to my television during the Michael Cohen testimony today.   I honestly think that although Cohen made some bad choices and became the shady “fixer” for Trump (and ruined his own life in making the choices he did), he is essentially a good guy who was seduced by Trump’s fake glitter and false promises of wealth.

I believe Cohen redeemed himself today.  He showed deep remorse for his past actions and a sincere willingness to change, especially for the sake of his family, who he acknowledges have been hurt by his past actions.

The broken, sad faced Cohen having a chance at redemption and handling himself so well under the intense questioning (and sometimes bullying) he had to endure today was moving enough, but Chairman Elijah Cummings’ emotional closing speech made me lose it completely (Cohen was wiping away tears himself).

Watch and share this video…

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The Passage of Thyme: A Random Encounter

Jan Malique – Thyme and Time and Pan

Strange Goings On In The Shed

thyme-177261_1280 Hans at Pixabay

Another glorious day has risen from night’s slumber, and the Sun is as intense in its favours as ever. It seems my Muse has offered inspiration, taking it with both hands folks! I’m beginning to feel almost human, whatever that may be. ‘Being human’ appears to be an inexplicable and puzzling condition, sometimes celebrated, sometimes reviled.

Even after the passage of time in this clothing of flesh the experience is a strange one. Is it because we straddle different worlds of existence, the manifest and unmanifest? Being creatures of Earth and Spirit do we feel pulled in different directions, in need of a guiding hand from the Higher Self? Does this remind you of the Chariot card from the tarot?

Lg075 The Chariot,

As for the title of this post, my gut feeling was telling me to go in search of Thyme in the garden. When ‘nudges’…

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The Nightingale

TheFeatheredSleep – Night bird sings


Only anger

where there should be love

until we let it go

become nothing but empty

as we were before

ever finding

fickle road to emotion

all its vanity and its glory

the good and the not so

and in between, days of roses

turning their thorns into pricks of

passion and belonging

for I surely

have never dwelt in another place so deeply

as that space of you

nothing left after the hurricane

all memory fled and closed

like a cuckoo clock without bird

a hollow tree absent of owl

the indigo night and no


lighting our way back

now, we can only go forward

stumbling blindly

a snowstorm, desert, running out

of reasons to put

one step in front of next

yet as humans we have this penchant

for survival at any cost

it is not always a pretty thing

sometimes our hair is gnarled

our very…

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Magic trick

At Hijacked Amygdala, Candice Louisa Daquin contemplates the letter that does not come, the call that does not ring.

hijacked amygdala

There is something wrong with the post man

he forgets my house

drives away in that flimsy cart

humming to himself, oblivious of

my need, he be wrong

return and fill

the emptiness with

some approximation.

There is something wrong with the phone

it lays silent and sleeping

unlit and needful of

nothing rung or called

I shake it and stare

in the absurd notion

by doing so will cause

something done, to be undo

a knot we can pick

with stiff fingers and

urging pretend

all is well when

it is broken and lost

to the gravity of

changing seasons

flickering, mirrored, illusionist light

turning fear into something golden and bright

then just as fast, back again

taking away certainty

with deft slight of hand.

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The Truth

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Truth

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Tell me what it felt like.

Did it hurt to say “I love you” while balancing a middle finger up the center of your spine as you walked away as if to say… “I don’t love you anymore and I don’t respect you enough to stay and say anything at all, so I am going to walk away like you were and always will be nothing.”

How did it feel to lift someone so high, only to leave them feeling so small, so invisible, so absolutely worthless?

Just curious how low the temperature drops in someone’s heart to make a 360 seem like second nature. Maybe my description seems harsh, but the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Yes it does. It hurts a lot, but more in the silence. It changed me. It changed me.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry


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Calling Pan

Jan Malique – Pan without panic

Strange Goings On In The Shed

aleyna-rentz-542575-unsplash Aleyna Rentz at Unsplash

The rehabilitation is going well, my sense of humour and wonder have risen from their sick-bed. What a line to begin this slightly meandering post! I’m sitting in the garden, trying to avoid being frazzled in hot sun. Yes, it appears that Spring is exhibiting a split personality. The weather in my corner of North Wales is more Summery than Spring. A blessing indeed. I know it’s one of the idiosyncrasies of the British to talk about the weather, why not? Don’t mention the B word though (Brexit. Oh bother!).

Grubby and insidious politics aside, the ‘bionic knee’ and I are returning to the ‘real’ world soon. A prospect I’m sanguine about. Thinking more along the lines of ‘wonder what exciting things lie ahead’ and not ‘will I have to don protective clothing to avoid the toxicity?.’ I am by nature a sensitive little soul who…

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