Calling Pan

Jan Malique – Pan without panic

Strange Goings On In The Shed

aleyna-rentz-542575-unsplash Aleyna Rentz at Unsplash

The rehabilitation is going well, my sense of humour and wonder have risen from their sick-bed. What a line to begin this slightly meandering post! I’m sitting in the garden, trying to avoid being frazzled in hot sun. Yes, it appears that Spring is exhibiting a split personality. The weather in my corner of North Wales is more Summery than Spring. A blessing indeed. I know it’s one of the idiosyncrasies of the British to talk about the weather, why not? Don’t mention the B word though (Brexit. Oh bother!).

Grubby and insidious politics aside, the ‘bionic knee’ and I are returning to the ‘real’ world soon. A prospect I’m sanguine about. Thinking more along the lines of ‘wonder what exciting things lie ahead’ and not ‘will I have to don protective clothing to avoid the toxicity?.’ I am by nature a sensitive little soul who…

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