The Passage of Thyme: A Random Encounter

Jan Malique – Thyme and Time and Pan

Strange Goings On In The Shed

thyme-177261_1280 Hans at Pixabay

Another glorious day has risen from night’s slumber, and the Sun is as intense in its favours as ever. It seems my Muse has offered inspiration, taking it with both hands folks! I’m beginning to feel almost human, whatever that may be. ‘Being human’ appears to be an inexplicable and puzzling condition, sometimes celebrated, sometimes reviled.

Even after the passage of time in this clothing of flesh the experience is a strange one. Is it because we straddle different worlds of existence, the manifest and unmanifest? Being creatures of Earth and Spirit do we feel pulled in different directions, in need of a guiding hand from the Higher Self? Does this remind you of the Chariot card from the tarot?

Lg075 The Chariot,

As for the title of this post, my gut feeling was telling me to go in search of Thyme in the garden. When ‘nudges’…

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