HASTY shares a #BEREAL guest post by a remarkable man.


I first met Micheal Jason Allen when my daughter and I signed up to be extras on a movie set.  My best friend Yousef Kazemi wrote and was directing a movie called The Stand-in.  Follow its progress here.

He was a well-dressed man (because we were in the wedding party) with a bowtie and a big beard telling us dad jokes.  He had a wonderfully warm smile and was a joy to meet.  Since then I have learned more about community volunteering from him than anyone else in my nearly 50 years of life.

I hope you check out all the organizations he has listed.  There are communities just like Oklahoma City’s all across the country… all over the world.  I hope you look them up and donate or share their efforts.  They are ran by compassionate and loving people who care about overwhelming a world that is drowning…

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