The Red Bench by Jacqueline Cioffa – An Advance Review by Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons reviews a new offering from Jaqueline Cioffa.

Nicole Lyons


To say I have been a fan over everything Jacqueline Cioffa has ever written would be an understatement. The woman has been gifted with the art of exquisite storytelling the likes of few others, and when she reached out to me to read an advance copy of her memoir, The Red Bench, I was beyond honoured.

I have sat in my own madness and I have never once claimed it to be beautiful. I have slit my own wrists and begged for sweet death and I have never once claimed it to be beautiful. Madness and torment, the sheared edges of a broken mind have never once been beautiful, but the way Jacqueline Cioffa writes about her descent and ascent into and back out of madness is nothing short of beautiful.

It is the mark of a true poet, a writer for the times, a soul breaking and beckoning…

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