Psychopathy and Enlightenment

Cluster B – Psychopaths and enlightenment?


salvationFor Christians, it is salvation. For Buddhists, it is enlightenment. Both represent the ultimate goal humans can aspire to. They each take us out of the realm of the physical world to something different. “Salvation” is all about “god” lifting a curse of original sin and an eternity in Hell. “Enlightenment” is about a change in consciousness, a realization releasing us from limiting concepts and beliefs.

enlightenmentPsychopaths have a consciousness that is markedly different from that of the average person. Some of these differences are used to damn us (in the eyes of the public). Lack of conscience is that number one difference. Lack of empathy is another, closely related one. But what about ability to focus on present time? What about detachment?

I came across a question on Quora that directly addressed the titled issue:

enlightenedpsycho“Psychopaths: in many ways the experience of being a psychopath sounds like…

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