The Colonoscopy that is America Explains Trump’s Consistent Approval Rate

Calico Jack – Presidential approval ratings are like a colonoscopy.

The Psy of Life

3 Psych Tendencies the GOP Manipulates

Our good friends over at published an analysis the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s approval-disapproval rating. They note that his approval rating has only fluctuated about nine points ranging between 36 and 45 points. They posit that this might be due to either a cult of personality or a loyalty to the person, not the party or partisan politics. I believe there is another more compelling explanation based on the behavioral economics heuristic, the peak-end experience.

Presidential Approval Ratings

But, before I explain how our current time is like a colonoscopy for the country and how this affects the old bastard’s approval rating, allow me a short aside to talk about the article itself. They created a chart, pictured at the right (I hope they don’t mind that I use it, but if they sue me, at least it…

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