PROMPT- Write a love letter to poetry

HASTY – Love of Poetry


Poetry taught me to listen to my own tears. Decipher why I felt what I felt. It helped me hold onto myself during my darkest fights with depression.

If you could write a love letter to poetry what would it say? Feel free to write one and leave a link to it in my comment section. I’d love to read it.

You were the words

Bubbling to the surface

The fight inside my bones

The breath I tried to hold

The smile I searched to find

You flowed like electricity

When the darkness came

Rushing to the surface

Feeding me the lines

Helping me to communicate

The S.O.S faithfully typed

From impulse to redemption

The white flag I waved

When I felt like I was sinking

I owe you my life in many ways

But I owe you my gratitude

For you saved me

When I had no idea I…

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Chasing Sandcastles

Christine Ray – Left on the beach

Brave & Reckless

you feel
impossibly distant
the receding tide
I am left chasing sandcastles
before they are reclaimed
by rushing waters
our connection
has become reduced to
collisions in the dark
that throw us off balance
knees and
hearts left aching
I have been
studying the language
of oceans
gazing out
at the horizon
until the
sea blurs
before my eyes
I try to read
the omens
throw the bones
in the crashing waves
play of light
rippling on the water
the surf whispers
over and over
to me that
you are gone
the current has
carried you
far beyond my reach

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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HASTY – Perfect fit


I’ve always felt like a small piece

Like there is a place waiting

For the exact right shape

To fit within its little void

I feel a part of the sun

Of the swaying trees

Of the raging storms

And the crashing sea

A part of so many things

But never fully have I fit

Nor did the world make sense

At least not… until I met you

And we naturally fit together

Puzzle pieces that fit perfectly

And only then did everything

The sun, the trees, the sky, the sea

Only then…

Did this world feel like home

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To be Kissed

Christine Ray – Anticipating a kiss

Brave & Reckless

My hands clasp yours
our warm palms
press together
fingers entwine
my eyes say
I dare you
you call
my bluff
pressing me back
into the wall
with your body
holding me in your thrall
your mouth
hovers above mine
I inhale
your sweet breath
you enjoy teasing
me like this
staying just out
of my mouth’s reach
just when I think
the tension
the waiting
has become too much
you lean into me
with your beautiful
beautiful mouth
full lips
slightly open
all teasing tongue
and nibbling teeth
and show me
what it truly means
to be

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Politics and Psychopathy

Cluster B – Noam Chomsky?


libertarianismLiving in California, I am surrounded by progressives. These people love to equate psychopathy with right-wing views. Of course, libertarianism, the politics of individual freedom of choice, seems to be very compatible with psychopathy and what is called libertarianism is often synonymous with right-wing values of the “free market,” in other words, untrammeled capitalism.

The reality is that psychopathy is not married to any political viewpoint. A forum for “sociopaths” I once belonged to polled us for our politics and it turned out that we represented all positions on the political spectrum. A valued friend who is a psychopath is even a socialist. So I object to progressives equating progressive politics with empathy and demonizing the most reactionary politicos as psychopaths. Sure many or most progressives have empathy for the poor and downtrodden. But that isn’t the only factor that goes into progressive positions. Membership in the 99% is…

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Guest Post: How Addiction Leads to Personality Disorders

LuckyOtter shares an excellent guest post.

Lucky Otters Haven

How Addiction Leads to Personality Disorders
By Sharon Torres

Personality disorders such as narcissism and sociopathy are often blamed upon the nature vs. nurture model. When people’s brains are wired to have these kinds of problems and it is coupled with childhood trauma, these are possible causes of having a psychological disorder.

However, there is another side of the story where personality disorders don’t just come from childhood trauma nor a natural brain wiring–it comes with the development of an addiction. I hope that my experience with being in a relationship with someone who is suffering from both addiction and a personality disorder will provide you with insight into how one caused the other and vice versa.

My story of narcissistic abuse

I was a naive girl in college back in my home country. I always dreamed of having a perfect relationship so I kept myself free from exclusively dating…

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Family problems.

LuckyOtter – Trouble in the house

Lucky Otters Haven


I thought I’d return from Florida well rested and ready to tackle real life again.   I did have a wonderful, relaxing time and got to spend a good bit of it with my son, unlike other trips there, when he had to work most of the time.

Since returning, my daughter and her husband seem to be coming after me for blood.   I’m too emotionally distraught right now to even go into much detail about what happened, but in a nutshell, she is gaslighting me and lying about things I did/said, making me out to be a terrible, selfish person who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but myself and prefers my son over her.

This started well before I left for my trip.   I pushed it on the back burner, but her behavior lately has been bothering me.  It reminds me very much of her father’s abusive behavior before…

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Nicole Joan – Knowing when to let be


She is sitting at the furthest corner of the room.

With her eyes filled with gloom.

I’m secretly observing her.

Even though I don’t want to let her know that am watching her,

I am sure she is going through a process, probably a phase.

I can’t understand becauseshe doesn’t want to be disturbed.

All she want is her space,

A space of her own self where shecan think things through and make the right choices.

Where no one can disturb her .

Solitude is what she seeks .

Perhaps she’ll have a peace of mind after all these.

Let me let her be for now.

by @nicolejoanblog

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Poetry in Motion

Christine Ray – Poetry without words

Brave & Reckless

your palms remember
warm silk of my skin
travel the contours of
my curves and edges
your lips remember
my coffee scented kiss
softness into fierceness
yielding into claiming
your fingers remember
shape of my hip
what it is to cradle my head
when you draw me ever closer
in the poetry we write
together in tangled sheets

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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