Election 2020: Who can beat Trump?

Calico Jack – Loss Aversion and risk aversion in 2020

The Psy of Life

The 2020 presidential election cycle has begun, and, as predicted, the Dem field is crowded. There is a whole slew, a passel, a plethora, a scad, a bevy… well, there’s a bunch. God, I hope Handsome Joe doesn’t foist a third presidential run upon us. With his record of sexual harassment, Anita Hill, mass incarceration, I don’t know if the country could take it. Speaking of God, if there were one, he wouldn’t inflict us with two more years of Bernie Bros and worse. But, we are in the stupidest of all possible worlds, now, so I suppose it was inevitable.

The Cost of Quitting for Bernie Sanders

The talk on the Dem side is who can beat the Ol’ Pussy Grabber? That’s understandable considering the debacle of the last two years. During the 2016 election, twice I used Tversky and Kahneman’s Prospect Theory to talk about the election. First…

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