There is Strength in Our Stories: Scissors in Hiding – Bina Ruchi Perino

Blood Into ink presents Bina Ruchi Perino – Desire or Control?

Blood Into Ink

scissors b&w

There I am, waiting with the dark.
Dutiful, unquestioning, quiet.
Is that you gripping my neck and
threading through me? Is that me,
halved down the center and opened
end to end? Your heavy palm,
a warm clasping bed, hits the door.
Holds me down. Holds my hand.
Airy staccato breaths escape
when you touch me, when
I’m whole and separate and come
back together, I’m crisscrossing,
wearing down at the screw,
making shapes of giving, giving
until my body is a tool in secret.
Is that me mistaking control for desire?

Bina Ruchi Perino is a post-baccalaureate student at the University of North Texas, seeking a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing. She lives in Denton with her dog Maya. Her work has appeared in The North Texas Review, The Nassau Review, Sonder Midwest, Royal Rose, and other places. She is a survivor of sexual assault.

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