One Year Ago Today: Birth

Christine Ray – The puzzles of birth

Brave & Reckless

most believe
that the day of our birth
is the Monday or Friday we are
expelled from the womb
covered in blood and vernix
wailing our outrage
at bright lights
cold air
the volume of sound
our newborn ears

some believe that
birth is the moment
we gain consciousness
become aware
that there is a me
separate and complete
from you
me who thinks
who feels
who needs
who wants

I ponder whether
we are born
in the eyes of another
rare moments
of intimacy
where we strip
our souls bare
truly allow ourselves
to be seen
to be known
heart to heart
soul to soul

whether we experience
a birth of self
at moments of discovery
when we look at ourselves
pretenses stripped away
see and accept fully
who we see in the mirror

sparkling candles
do not strike me
as true measures of insight

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