One Year Ago Today: Dream Catcher

Christine Ray – To guard another’s dreaming

Brave & Reckless

This piece was inspired by lines of a poem written by Auroraboros in response to a Three Day Quote Challenge.

dwelling in this
delicate world
I have sat sentry
all hours of the night
with intent
to your steady heartbeat
to the slow
rhythmic inhale
and exhale
of your soft breath
as you sleep
as you dream
the REM film unspooling
beneath your restless eyelids
projected against
our moon-silvered walls
a private viewing
of your unconscious
and fears
I stay at the ready
prepared to fight
your demons
and dragons
right hand on
my sword
left hand cool
against your brow
I vow to guide you back
to safer slumbers
with midnight lullabies

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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